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Robótica 5 de April de 2019

Global Robot Expo in Madrid

Global Robot Expo, the main Innovation and Robotics multisector exhibition in Europe, will take place on May 8 and 9 at IFEMA Madrid

Camp Tecnológico, official distributor of Dobot in Spain and currently partnered with the German company Franka Emika, presents the 7-axis Cobot Panda. The latest innovation in Industrial Robotics will be presented at the Global Robot Expo(PABELLON 6, STAND EF8) at IFEMA, Madrid, on May 8 and 9. Camp Tecnológico will be there with all its new line of professional robotics: Industrial Robots, Service Robots, ROS-compatible robots as well as Research and Education-oriented robots.

It’s a scoop in Spain! Camp Tecnológico has partnered with the German company Franka Emika https://www.franka.de/ to introduce the 7-axis Cobot Panda —the latest innovation in Industrial Robotics—. Cobot is easy to operate, offers innovative technical features (can manipulate up to 3 kilograms in a 90 centimeters action ratio) and comes with an extensive catalog of accessories at an unbeatable price. It offers solutions for tasks not yet automated in any industry or business, no matter its size.

Camp Tecnológico, representing Dobot in Spain, presents Scara Dobot M1 . This robot features a high-speed cycle and 1,5 kilograms capacity. It can also become a 3D printer. Its interfaces are integrated with sensor systems and artificial vision at an unbeatable price. Scara Dobot M1 is the ideal candidate for picking, testing or assembling tasks.

Camp Tecnológico also presents the Dobot Magician Kit, ideal for research and training purposes. Its price on sale is €1,350 and it is the only such robotic arm on the market. Offers multiple task performances in a sole arm: up to 0,5 kilograms manipulation, vacuum pump to operate a claw and a suction cup, 3D printer extruder, drawing plotter, laser to engrave materials and remote control.

STEAM solutions for Service Robots

Focused on the Food Industry, as well as laboratories, textile industry and special manipulation needs, Camp Tecnológico presents the pneumatic Grippers by Rochu , compatibles with any Cobot or Dobot robots. This is a big novelty presented at the latest Hannover fair to deal with these special manipulation tasks.Never before have the handling of products such as food or textiles been treated with such delicacy.

Service Robots are going through a tremendous evolution thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Speech Recognition. Camp Tecnológico recently closed an agreement with Sanbot, one of the world leaders in this area —we present Sanbot ELF in Spain . This robot has integration capabilities with Cloud services such as Dialogflow that allow it to be configured as one of the most versatile service robots on the market with an affordable price.