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Robo Wunderkind


With the Robo Wunderkind modules, children can easily build several robotic creations. Robotics kit that transforms the way children learn about technology and supports learning and development for students. Designed for 6 year olds, it provides an easy and attractive way to learn basic programming and robotics concepts. Thanks to the Robo Code application, you will learn how to program your robot and then control it. In addition, children can join the blocks and even use their LEGO pieces. With this robot children can increase their knowledge about programming and creativity.

Data sheet

  • Package Content: Robo Wunderkind
  • Main block
  • 2x DC motors
  • Servo motor
  • Conector block
  • Distance sensor
  • RGB light
  • Button
  • 2x Big wheels
  • Small wheel
  • 7x connectors
  • 4x LEGO adapters
  • Wired connector
  • Disconection tool
  • Quick start guide
  • Stickers